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Meet our Camp Arevelk Staff

This year, we have Rev. Brandon Woosley returning as Bible Teacher and main speaker to our younger campers and Rev. Dr. Ara Jizmejian  as Bible Teacher and main speaker to our older campers.   They will be joined by Rev. Shant Barsoumian who will be joining our little group as a Bible teacher.  

2013 Bible Teacher

Rev. Shant Barsoumian has a passion for God's word and desires to make the Lord's name great. He has grown up in the Armenian Evangelical community and has been immensely blessed by it as well.


He has served a number of Armenian Evangelical churches in various capacities over the years and now serves as the pastor of the Armenian Congregational Church of Greater Detroit. Camp ministries have always held a special place in his heart since he came to faith at a Jr. High summer session of Camp Arev and desires that youth of all ages have a similar opportunity to know our great Lord Jesus Christ.



2013 Bible Teacher & Speaker

Rev. Brandon Woosley is the pastor of St. Paul Evangelical United Church of Christ in Bloomingdale, Illinois. He and his wife Christy have two sons, Joshua and Zachary. Brandon enjoys working with students of all ages, and Camp Arevelk is one of the highlights of his family's year.  After years of being at Camp Arevelk, Brandon has been made an honorary "badveli" by our young people. 



2013 Bible Teacher & Speaker
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