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What supplies should I send with my child to camp?

You should send the following supplies with your child to camp:

Sleeping Bag or twin size bed sheet and pillow

Shorts and long pants

Short sleeve and long sleeve shirts

Sweatshirt or light jacket

Poncho & hat

Daily change of underclothes + socks

Clothes for sleeping/pijamas


Sneakers/comfortable walking shoes

Flipflops or sandals

Laundry bag for dirty clothes

Toileteries - soap, shampoo, comb, brush, toothbrush, toothpaste, facecloths

Towels for both swimming and showering

Bible Pen/Pencil, notepad/notebook

Flashlight (with fresh batteries)

Insect Repellent

Spending Money for snack shop

Tennis Racket (Optional)

What supplies should I leave at home?

Please leave behind any electronic equipment that would be a distraction for your child or the group including:

Radios, video games, MP3 players, iPods/Ipads, Smartphones, laptops, cd/dvd players,Skateboards, Rip Sticks, Scooters and other rolly things of that nature.

Please do not bring any food with you, all meals and snacks will be provided from the dining hall and additional snacks and drinks can be purchased from the snack shop.

What are the sleeping arrangements?

The boys and girls cabins are separated on the campsite and campers are not permitted to enter the cabin of the opposite sex. For their safety, campers are not permitted to leave the campground for any reason unless in an emergency situation.

Is my child safe at camp?

There is a leadership team made up of counselors, counselors in training, activities coordinator and the camp director that all help in supervising the campers.


Your child is primarily under the supervision of his/her camp counselor for the entire duration of the week.  The campers are split up by age and by sex into their groups and cabins. 

Does my child need money at camp?

Your child will need only a minimum amount of cash during the camp week.  The only reason he/she would need money is for the snack shop that is open in the afternoons and in the evenings during the week.  Otherwise, there is no other need for cash.

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Does my child need to speak Armenian?

 Worship sessions, bible studies, activities and games are all conducted in English. 

Occasionally, there will be a worship song lead in Armenian but the words will be transliterated into English for them to follow.

What does my typical day look like at Camp Arevelk?

Here is what a typical day looks like at Camp Arevelk:

8:15 Breakfast
9:00 Quiet Time
9:30 Worship
10:45 Rotation: Craft, Bible, Sport
11:45 Second Rotation
12:30 Lunch
1:30 Cabin Clean Up
1:45 Third Rotation
2:45 Game Prep
3:00 Team Games
4:00 Free Time (Pool, Snack Shop,  Small Team Sports)
6:00 Dinner
7:00 Cabin Time
7:45 Armenian Heritage
8:15 Night Games
9:30 Snacks
9:45 Singspiration
10:30 Lights Out

Where is Camp Arevelk and how do I get there?

Ararat Center

6944 SR 32

Greenville, NY 12083



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