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Meet our Camp Arevelk Staff

This year, we have Rev. Brandon Woosley returning as Bible Teacher and main speaker to our younger campers and Rev. Dr. Ara Jizmejian  as Bible Teacher and main speaker to our older campers.   They will be joined by Rev. Shant Barsoumian who will be joining our little group as a Bible teacher.  

Chahe Bakmazjian
Rev. Ara Jizmejian

I was born in Beirut Lebanon but grew up and have been living in Montreal since the age of 6.  I am a Mechanical Engineer and started a company in 1996 called Jabez Technologies that develops a product called Robotmaster which is a programming software for industrial robots.


In 1987 I came to faith in Jesus and had a radical change of life.  Shortly afterwards I started attending the FAEC church in Montreal.  I have had the privilege of serving my church with youth and teen ministry, have served on the church board as well as in the worship team.

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